Alipay has launched a new feature called “Game Lock” to help parents control minors’ game payments. When minors recharge to major game manufacturers via Alipay, after entering the password, a verification prompt will appear, and only the parents can verify the payment after choosing to open the “Game Lock”. Since its debut one month ago, the service has been accessed by over 150,000 users. 

In addition, Alipay has also introduced a teen mode in which parents can set a payment limit for their children’s accounts. If parents find that minors have been coaxed to recharge through games or live streaming, they can also give feedback through the Alipay reporting centre “Youth Protection”. 

According to the product manager of Alipay, the “Game Lock” has been connected to approximately 70 major game manufacturers, and allows payment identification through Alipay, but does not support the consumption on Apple Store. At present, Alipay’s team is promoting more collaborations and application scenarios to continuously optimize functions. 

According to the report on the Protection of Minors in China’s Game Industry, about 90% of minors have encountered anti-addiction restrictions while playing games, as major game manufacturers have implemented measures to guide minors’ moderate use of online games. But it’s still a challenge for minors to use their parents’ mobile phones and accounts to play games and recharge their accounts.