According to data released by the European Business Association, overall sales of Chinese-branded automobiles in Russia reached 115,700 units in 2021, more than double the volume of sales in 2020. With the popularity of Chinese-made automobiles growing in popularity among Russian buyers, Chinese brands notably increased their marketing share by 7%.

Whilst the Russian auto market rebounded in the first half of 2021, total sales decreased in the second half of last year due to stock consumption and supply chain difficulties. However, Chinese-branded automobiles with reliable quality, reasonable prices, and an abundant supply have emerged as a bright spot in the Russian automobile sales sector. In 2021, sales of Haval, Chery and Geely in Russia have increased by 125%, 224% and 59% respectively. It’s worth noting that Haval Automobile has consistently ranked in the top ten of the Russian automobile market’s monthly sales volume for several months. Compared with European and American auto brands that have had to increase prices and extend the delivery time for orders, many Chinese auto brands have capitalised on their production, procurement and supply chain capabilities.

Chinese brands are quickly recognized and loved on the Russian market. It is not just for the high quality of their products, but also for their acute understanding of market demand. The winters in Russia are long, which means the road environment is complex. On the other hand, the average population of Russian households is relatively large, so the space requirement is significant. To this end, Chinese automakers have launched a series of targeted models which have proved successful.

Simultaneously, the localisation of Chinese automobile brands in Russia is accelerating. Russian auto industry media and experts are optimistic on the potential for Chinese auto brands in Russia.