On April 12, video sharing website Bilibili and job search website Zhaopin.com jointly released the 2022 Chinese Youth Job Search Insight Report. “Flexible employment” became the keyword in the report. Data from Zhaopin.com showed that 88.1% of the post-00s generation are willing to, or are trying to, find flexible employment. Content creator is the emerging profession that the post-00s most want to engage in. 

Why it matters                       

The post-00s generation of young people will soon enter society in 2022, and they will be more open to a variety of employment opportunities. Video has become an important channel for young people to acquire social information and workplace knowledge. 


In 2021, a number of newly emerging jobs are gaining popularity on Bilibili. According to Zhaopin.com, 76% of the post-00s generation want or are pursuing new careers. 

Takagism’s NPC, scriptwriter of a murder mystery game, and registered nutritionist are the top three emerging professions that get the most attention on Bilibili, while AI algorithm researcher is the job with the highest research volume. 

A significant number of stories from various occupations attract a lot of interest on Bilibili. Young people can experience different lives of over 300 professions in the videos of content creators, such as village teachers, bartenders, front-line electricians, captains, police officers, animal keepers and so on.