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Houkun Hu, the rotating chairman of Huawei, revealed on Tuesday 26 April at the 19th Huawei Global Analyst Conference that Huawei will definitely release new smart car models this year, it might be models from Huawei Zhixuan and Huawei Inside solutions.

According to Hu, it might be difficult to achieve the online sales target of 300,000 cars this year. “Huawei is a newcomer in the smart car industry after all. We have a lot of things to learn, and we may make many mistakes. I hope the community will be more patient and tolerant,” said Hu.

Why it matters

Hu stated that Huawei does not and will not directly build cars but will support automakers to build better cars powered by Huawei’s smart motor and control systems. Huawei has also helped car companies sell vehicles through the consumer-oriented channels the firm has formed over the past years. In addition, Huawei’s accumulation in ICT technology over the past three decades can make a difference in transforming the automotive industry, according to Hu.


In 2021, Huawei launched its Huawei Inside solution and joined forces with three automakers to produce smart car sub-brands. The solution involves a series of approaches, such as an intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving, intelligent network, and LiDAR.

In April 2021, Huawei and the Chinese car manufacturer SERES jointly launched the SF5 series, which was sold under Huawei’s Zhixuan brand. Huawei Zhixuan has more than 150 brands, launching over 450 smart products for homes, offices, and other sectors, and the SF5 will be its first car product.