According to the data released by Kuaishou Entertainment, Kuaishou launched the “Free Movies for Spring Festival ” event on the “Kuaishou Cinema” channel. The report shows that during the event, over 50 million unique users clicked to enter the channel in a single day, and the video content had been viewed on replay over 300 million times on that day. 

Leveraging its copyright cooperation and open-ended content ecology, the “Kuaishou Cinema” has introduced a large number of high-quality movies, drama series and previous Spring Festival Gala series alongside other popular video content. All of this content has been shown for free to users. 

The platform is committed to offering a high-quality audio-visual experience through intelligent video processing technologies such as video repair and audio-effect enhancement. In addition, Kuaishou also invited nearly 100 stars such as Jackie Chan and Liu Yan to release promotional videos and provide movie recommendations for the event, increasing users’ attention and engagement. 

The popularity of the “Kuaishou Cinema” has led to an increase in the interest of other film and television searches on Kuaishou, and the relevant searches have increased by 100% compared to the data when the Kuaishou Cinema was launched. 

There were nearly 9 million searches for “movie” related keywords and 8 million “TV drama” related keywords in a single day of the event, indicating that Kuaishou users are highly interested in film and television content. Moreover, about 60% of viewers on Kuaishou Cinema are male, and they are also highly active users of Kuaishou. 

The user portrait not only shows the high acceptance of Kuaishou’s mainstream users towards long video content, but also shows a huge market potential in the field of long video content consumption.