On March 14, Meituan e-commerce launched its self-operated stores, whose operation model is similar to “JD’s self-operated store”. In addition, Meituan also added a “global shopping” area on the platform to facilitate cross-border e-commerce, in which cross-border merchants can set up shops to sell overseas goods. Meituan is expanding its e-commerce business potential through multifaceted strategic planning. 

At present, the Meituan e-commerce App has a number of brand self-operated stores, covering food, beverage, household goods, etc. Meituan will also be responsible for goods delivery. The company operating these self-operated stores is “Beijing Sankuai Smart Catering Management Co., LTD.”, a subsidiary of Meituan. It is not difficult to spot that Meituan is expanding its business into the branded self-operated race. 

Furthermore, Meituan upgraded its original UGC community to “Guang Guang”, focusing on “sharing good things and discovering good life”. Users can not only create shared review prodcuts,, but also share their shopping experiences with the community.  

In February 2021, Meituan’s new B2C e-commerce business “Tuan Haohuo”, which is developed independently by Meituan, was officially launched. It operates on the business model of “Direct Delivery from Origin + Group Purchase of Commodities,” with a focus on providing a cost-effective shopping experience.  

After one year’s development, the brand of “Tuan Haohuo ” has been upgraded to “Meituan Haohuo “. It will continue to provide consumers with a more seamless shopping experience in the future, leveraging Meituan’s operational strengths and resources over the years. Meituan E-commerce has now developed a comprehensive e-commerce platform that incorporates fresh food, maternal and child, 3C digital, food, clothing, and cross-border e-commerce.