On March 16th, POP MART was revealed to overhype its mystery toy boxes during the CCTV 315 Gala, which is committed to exposing cases of violations of consumer rights in social life. An 800-yuan mystery toy box costs only 30 yuan, in order to get the limited hidden toy, some consumers spent over 10,000 yuan to buy 106 mystery boxes. 

Previously, KFC and POP MART collaborated on a mystery box deal. To obtain a complete set of dolls, at least 6 packages must be purchased, and the chance of encountering rare hidden items is 1:72. To collect all of them, some fanatics purchased 100 sets of meals at exorbitant prices. There is even an “eat-for-you” service offered, which sparked heated debate and criticism from many parties. 

In response, POP MART said, “We immediately adjusted our business, and in future cooperation with the food industry, we will suspend all limited mystery box business to eliminate possible food waste and remind partners to avoid excessive marketing.” 

Regarding the hype that “mystery boxes at a cost of 30 yuan are marketed to 800 yuan”, POP MART expressed the hope that consumers would be able to consume rationally. “We will continue to focus on improving product and service in the future, and encourage all sectors of society to oversee us, becoming a better POP MART.”  

In addition, Bubble Mart emphasized that it will not participate in the second-hand market of Tide Toys in any form in the future.