According to the Overwork Report 2021 released by 36kr, 76.1% of young people work overtime every day or frequently, and over 30% never leave work on time. ” Death from overwork” has claimed the lives of employees at Bytedance, Bilibili, and Tencent, bringing the intensity and pressure of work in Internet companies to the spotlight once again. 

Over the past two decades, the Internet has revolutionized the way we eat, live, work, entertain and socialize, and a large number of Internet companies have successfully grown from a small, little-known enterprise to the pinnacle of a new business legend. However, the “overtime culture” fostered by the meteoric expansion of Internet enterprises is destroying the energy and health of millions of young people. And the young people who work for these Chinese Internet giants are surrounded by anxiety and panic for a long time. 

During the rapid rise of the Internet, these companies attempted to expedite growth and business scale by increasing staff working hours. The Internet employees who support these “amazing” performances are exchanging numerous sleepless nights and even lives for money. 

As the sudden death caused by overwork continues to simmer, Internet workers began to pay more attention to their health problems. These anxieties have led to the boom of China’s health care industry and relevant services. At present, the scale of China’s health care market has exceeded one trillion yuan, with an average annual expenditure of over 1,000 yuan per urban permanent resident for health care, and young people aged 18-35 account for 83.7% of the healthcare population.