1C Entertainment, the developer of the “King’s Bounty” series, has announced that it will be acquired by Tencent. The deal is expected to be reached in late November. 

Furthermore, 1C Entertainment and its subsidiaries will change their names within 6 months after the acquisition, and the specific change information will be disclosed later. 

1C Entertainment stated that it is excited to join the Tencent family and expects to benefit from various synergies between the two companies. 

It was reported that 1C Entertainment is a game company headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, with more than 100 games under its umbrella, including “King’s Bounty”, “Man of War” and “Ancestral Legacy”. 

Tencent has accelerated its investment and acquisition of overseas game developers in recent years. “In 2021, Tencent acquired and invested in more than 100 game companies, which is equivalent to acquiring or investing in one every 3 days”, Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad said in December 2021. Globally, it’s unusual for a company to invest in more than 100 game makers in a year. Tencent has set a global record. 

Additionally, Tencent also announced a wholly-owned acquisition of Canada-based game studio Inflexion Games, whose first game “Nightingale” was first launched at the TGA Awards in 2021, and it is expected to enter the Early Access stage in 2022.