JD “Asia No.1” Xi’an Intelligent Industrial Park was awarded dual carbon-neutral certifications by Beijing Green Exchange and Centre Testing International (CTI) this month. The park is China’s first “zero-carbon” logistics park, leading the industry in best practices for the construction and upgrade of green industrial parks. 

Best practices include the application of distributed photovoltaic power generation systems and energy storage systems on the storage roof to independently neutralize part of greenhouse gas emissions. With the support and guidance of the Beijing Green Exchange, the remaining emissions will be offset by purchasing China Certified Emission Reductions (CCER) to achieve carbon neutrality in Xi ‘an Intelligent Industrial Park in 2021. 

JD “Asia No.1” Xi ‘an Intelligent Industrial Park was initially put into use back in 2019, making use of on-site renewable green energy instead of traditional energy sources. In promoting carbon neutrality, the park relies on abundant local sunlight resources to obtain continuous renewable electricity through photovoltaic power generation and energy storage facilities.  

In terms of emission sources, the park’s energy efficiency and electrification level are constantly improved by optimizing the energy-saving management system and the sorting and shipping process. The design of the distributed air conditioning meets the demand for local heating, while the newly introduced energy-efficient special equipment and charging terminals also improve the overall energy optimization of the park. 

“Green logistics” is becoming increasingly crucial in the creation of a sustainable society. The question of how to make logistics activities more environmentally friendly has become an important topic for industrial parks all over China to grapple with as they are pushed towards achieving the country’s carbon neutrality goals.