Facebook’s parent company Meta is developing an AR (Augmented Reality) glasses called “Project Nazare” to further bet on the metaverse. It will work independently rather than rely on the computing power of the phone. The AR glasses could come with support for 3D visuals and hologram-based communication. Zuckerberg wants the glasses to represent an iPhone moment for Meta. 

Why it matters 

Meta plans to release Nazare as a product in 2024. It weighs 100 grams, around four times normal glasses, and resembles Clark Kent’s thick black frames. Nazare will have a battery life of just 4 hours and be powered by an included wireless puck that can fit in the user’s pocket. The idea here is for future generations of Nazare to be able to fully replace the smartphone. 


At the Connect 2021 conference in October Meta announced Project Nazare, “our first full augmented reality glasses”. The company didn’t, however, show a prototype or even real footage, but instead showed a brief “simulated” concept clip. “We still have a long way to go with Nazare, but we’re making good progress,” Mark Zuckerberg remarked. 

Meta has spent billions of dollars on the development of Nazare. According to the timeline, Meta will release a lighter and more advanced second-generation glasses in 2026; A more perfect third-generation product will be launched in 2028.