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Microsoft announced the opening of its fifth Azure data centre in China. The new data centre located in North China’s Hebei Province, was officially put into operation on Thursday. Microsoft’s first two Chinese data centres (China East in Shanghai and China North in Beijing) were launched in 2014. Additional facilities in the same cities, China East 2 and China North 2, opened in 2018.

After the launch, the capacity of Microsoft’s four core services (Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform) in the Chinese market is expected to double. Microsoft will continue to provide intelligent cloud services with comprehensive functions, security compliance, stability, and efficiency at a world-class level. The company also aims to further promote industrial transformation and expand cloud innovation for enterprises home and abroad.

According to the official website, Microsoft Cloud Service currently has more than 200 physical data centres in 44 regions around the world, providing service for more than 1billion customers and 20 million companies. The company’s latest financial report indicates that its cloud service (including server products such as Azure, GitHub, and Windows) generated $18.33 billion in revenue, a 25.5% increase compared with the previous year. As Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure service, Azure’s revenue increased by more than 46% in the first quarter, making it the most popular category in Microsoft’s overall business offering.