On March 2, China’s Supreme People’s Court issued the Regulation on Several Issues Concerning the Application of Law in the Trial of Internet Consumer Dispute Cases. This Regulation, which will come into force on March 15, 2022, primarily specifies the rights and obligations of Internet consumer contracts, as well as the identification of liable subjects, civil liability for live streaming Ecommerce, and civil liability for take-out food. 

The Regulation states unequivocally that the live streaming operator must be able to demonstrate that the actual vendor has been indicated, and this indication must be easy for consumers to identify; Otherwise, consumers have the right to claim that the live streaming operators take the responsibility of actual vendors. 

Additionally, if the staff of the live streaming platform make false propaganda, etc., the operator of the live streaming platform shall be liable for compensation. 

In recent years, the live streaming e-commerce industry has developed rapidly. The question of how to guide the healthy development of new business forms while protecting consumers’ legitimate rights is a new task for judicial practice.