On March 4, Yang Changfeng, chief designer of China’s Beidou satellite navigation system project, stated that China will complete the research and development of a new generation of Beidou system, achieving the construction of a comprehensive space-time system by 2035.   

The Beidou satellite System is the third fully-fledged global navigation satellite system independently developed by China, following the US GPS and Russia’s GLONASS.  

On July 31, 2020, the Beidou-3 global navigation satellite system was officially put into operation. Beidou-3’s global positioning accuracy is accurate to 10 meters, its speed measurement accuracy is better than 0.2 meters/second, its timing accuracy is better than 20 nanoseconds, and its service availability is better than 99%.  

At the moment, China’s independently developed Beidou Global Location Service platform has offered high-precision services in more than 20 countries worldwide, with over 2 billion users. 

According to Yang Changfeng, the Beidou system is a major infrastructure for China’s space-time information, and its successful operation indicates that China has the initiative in its security development, which is essential.