On March 3, Jia Jingdong, vice president of Vivo brand, responded on his personal Weibo account to the rumour that the NEX division (Vivo’s high-end sub-brand) was abolished. “The original NEX series’ mission to explore and innovate new experiences and forms will not disappear, and will be carried by our flagship Vivo X series.” 

Jia Jingdong said that the upcoming Vivo X series will have more innovations and surprises in terms of form and experience. Any expectation of the NEX series will be reflected in the X series. 

Recently, Vivo’s high-end sub-brand NEX has undergone significant changes. Vivo abolished the NEX business unit and its affiliated organizations, as part of internal restructuring in February. At present, the NEX series product label has been removed from the Vivo official website’s mobile phone section. 

In June 2018, Vivo officially launched the NEX series, targeted at the high-end market. The first generation of the product adopted a lift-up camera design, followed by the NEX dual-screen version, NEX 3, and NEX 3S. But then the NEX series products have not been updated since the last generation of NEX 3S products were released two years ago.