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The WeChat Public Platform Operation Centre has issued an announcement to further regulate and guide WeChat official accounts publishing information on foreign labour cooperation (i.e. overseas recruitment), requiring public websites publishing such related articles to provide the qualification of a “Foreign Labour Cooperation Operation Qualification Certificate”.

Why it matters

For accounts publishing information on foreign labour cooperation, the platform will send qualification audit reminders after 20 May 2022. This will require the operator to submit proof of a Foreign Labour Cooperation Operation Qualification Certificate to the platform. If the certificate is not provided within 7 days, the platform will block the account. If the account is an individual, or unable to provide proof of eligibility, the poster will be prompted to promptly remove such content.


The foreign labour cooperation mentioned in the Regulation refers to the business activity of organizing labourers to go to other countries or regions to work for foreign enterprises or institutions (foreign employers). Foreign enterprises, institutions, or individuals shall not recruit labourers to work abroad within the territory of China.