Li Weixing, a founding member of Xiaomi, former vice chairman and secretary-general of the company’s technical committee, has resigned. 

Li is reported to be one of the 13 people who ate millet porridge with Lei Jun (Co-founder and CEO of Xiaomi) on April 6, 2010, the day the company was established.  

Before leaving Xiaomi, Li held the role of “Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Xiaomi Technology Committee.” He was appointed in 2020 when Xiaomi’s MIUI Internet business unit was combined into a technical committee. Li has experience at Microsoft, where he worked on software development for Windows Phone. After joining Xiaomi, he immediately worked as a core technical member in Xiaomi’s early MIUI system development. 

In September 2018, Xiaomi implemented its first major organizational changes and personnel adjustments after its listing. At that time, Li Weixing had become the general manager who is responsible for MIUI core experience, representing one of the four newly established Internet business departments of Xiaomi. Only half a year later, in February 2019, Li’s position was appointed as the general manager of all four Internet departments, primarily in charge of the TV version of MIUI.  In 2020, Li was shifted to the technical committee after the major integration of the MIUI Internet business department.

“Vice chairman of the technical committee is a nominal position, but as a founding team member, he must have been financially free,” one Xiaomi employee commented. As Xiaomi enters a new era, the number of original team members who ate millet porridge with Lei Jun is dwindling.