On March 3, the “Alibaba public welfare List”, an internal award of Alibaba, was unveiled. Ten winning projects include “Thousands of designers creating trendy packaging for agricultural products in underdeveloped areas” and “Digital sign language interpreter” and so on. 

The names of the winners and initiatives will be displayed on a Wall of Fame at Alibaba’s Hangzhou headquarters. 

This year’s list of public welfare winners involves a wide range of areas, including caring for vulnerable groups, protecting the natural environment, and supporting underdeveloped regions. Many of the projects were empowered by AI and other digital technologies. 

This is the sixth year that Alibaba has given prizes to employees and projects that have excelled in public welfare efforts. So far, awards have been given to 33 people and 61 public welfare initiatives. Alibaba established this award in 2017, known as the most important internal award, to encourage employees to devote themselves to public welfare and contribute to society. 

According to previous media statistics, Jack Ma’s cumulative donations have reached 30 billion yuan. From the initial public welfare program “3-hour Volunteer Commitment” to the current “Alibaba public welfare List”, Alibaba has always been committed to the development of a sustainable society to help more people. According to research, the total number of charity hours contributed by Alibaba employees in 2021 exceeded one million.