On March 6, Meitu company launched six new imaging products, including Chic Camera, Meitu ID Photo, Wink, MeituPic Mac version, Meitu Design Studio, and Meitu AI Photo Editing. Meitu also revealed that Meitu’s global VIP membership has now reached 4.5 million. 

Wu Xinhong, Meitu’s founder and CEO, released a set of statistics at the press conference: Meitu has around 4.5 million VIP members globally at the end of February 2022. Before that, about 2.93 million people have signed up for VIP membership since the service was launched in China in 2020. 

According to Meitu’s first-half performance report for 2021, the number of registered VIP members increased 150.7 % year on year, accounting for 26.2 % of total revenue, and has become the second-largest business line driving Meitu’s revenue growth. 

Relying on its self-developed imaging technology of MT Lab, Meitu will continue to attract new users and increase the subscription rate by introducing richer content material, more convenient product functions and more creative imaging effects for VIP customers of Meituan.