On March 14, Tencent Cloud officially released the new products of DataModel and DataExplore. Based on the newly released agile data warehouse, the traditional data warehouse modelling of enterprises will be upgraded from the original “monthly” construction to “day” construction.   

The purpose of a data warehouse is to provide an analysis-oriented integrated data environment and to offer decision support to businesses. It was designed for analytical reports and decision support. 

In fact, due to the complex business lines and a large number of platform interfaces, the traditional data warehouse has a longer modelling cycle and higher operating costs. Therefore, considering the timeliness and variability of demand, there is a higher requirement for flexibility and operational efficiency in data analysis. The new products, which are based on the most recent agile warehouse modelling concepts, provide a smarter and more convenient development experience for business warehouse modelling and data analysis scenarios. 

Using the newly developed Agile data warehouse tool, for example, the gaming industry can reduce the average data warehouse modelling cycle from over one month to seven days, successfully facilitating mass manufacturing and personalised service of business indicators. 

Tencent Cloud’s DataModel and DataExplore products have been applied in finance, manufacturing, medical care, gaming and other industries. 

According to official data, as of November last year, Tencent’s daily real-time computing volume of big data had surpassed 200 trillion, the online model training dimension had exceeded 1 trillion, the big data platform computing power had reached 10 million cores, and the daily offline analysis tasks had reached 15 million.